Sunday 30 August 2015
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Our Resources

In this section you can find promotional matarial to help push and spread the word about The English Democrats.

St. George's Day A short satirical piece illustrating how national pride and the expression of patriotism is viewed differently elsewhere in Europe.   Robin Tilbrook on Monmouthshire Party Chairman Robin…
The English Democrats have a variety of leaflets in their publicity library as well accompanying material such as newspaper adverts and billboards.  You can click on the pictures or the…
Business Card OneClick here to download the 300dpi full colour design at 1029 pixels by 579 pixels. You can then upload this to Vista Print (see below). This will be…
Are you standing as a candidate? Are you a local organiser who is arranging for candidates to stand in your local area? If so, make sure you have English Democrat…
White Polo Shirt This polo shirt is 100% cotton. The design is stitched into the shirt not printed. Available in a range of sizes. Black Polo Shirt This polo shirt…
Putting England First is the new 16 page full colour information booklet from the English Democrats. You can download this as a PDF now by clicking on the image to…

More Resources

Publicity Archive

The English Democrat publicity drive.

The English Democrats contest a wide range of elections. From local council elections to the General Election, a wide variety of publicity material is produced for the party. Here issome of the more recent material. 

The English Democrats also make use of billboards and newspaper adverts to spread the message of English pride. You can also find these in this section.

Check back every election to see new leaflets and publicity material that is added to the archive.

English Democrats Clothing

You can make a financial contribution to he English Democrats as well as showing your English pride by purchasing our branded clothing.
Our polo shirts are 100% cotton with an embroidered logo on the chest. They come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Along with clothing we also stock a range of other merchandise including fridge magnets, bumper stickers and badges.
Check out our online store for a full range of English Democrats merchandise and stay informed of new English Democrat releases.

Putting England First

Dowload out NEW 16 page information page - Putting England First.
This 16 page full colour booklet deals with a range of English Democrats policies covering a wide range of areas.

From the need for an English Parliament to putting English farming back on track and from withrdawl from the EU to teaching English History in schools, this powerful booklet serves as a great introduction to our party.

Area Contacts

West Midlands-  David Lane
South East - Steve Uncles
North West -Stephen Morris
Yorkshire & Humber - Ian Sutton
North East - Kevin Riddiough
East Midlands - Derek Hilling (Acting)
London -
Roger Cooper

Eastern England - Charles Vickers
South West - Alan England

Southern Counties - Steve Uncles (Acting)